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Vithursan Thangarasa

I'm from Toronto, Canada. Currently in the San Francisco Bay Area, California. Passionate about machine learning, computer vision, technology and basketball.

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Work Experience

Machine Learning Research Scientist - Cerebras Systems

Research Scientist - Uber AI Labs

Machine Learning Engineer - Tesla

Deep Learning Data Scientist - Scotiabank

Hardware Developer - On Semiconductor

Software Engineer - Evertz Microsystems

Mobile App Developer - Jamdeo


MASc, Engineering Systems and Computing
Specialization: Deep Learning
Advisor: Dr. Graham W. Taylor

BEng, Engineering Systems and Computing

Technical Skills

Python, C, C++, Java, MATLAB

PyTorch, TensorFlow, Scientific Python Stack

Verilog, VHDL, Embedded C

Embedded Systems, Xilinx FPGAs, ARM

Docker, AWS, Terraform

You can also download my CV in PDF.