Vithursan Thangarasa
A Machine Learning Researcher's Blog
on the Advances in Artificial Intelligence
“The last 10 years have been about building a world that is mobile-first. In the next 10 years, we will shift to a world that is AI-first.” 

- Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google (2016)

About Me

My name is Vithursan Thangarasa, friends and family call me Vithu. I am a Deep Learning Graduate Research Assistant who is working towards an MASc under the supervision of Dr. Graham W. Taylor at University Guelph's Machine Learning Research Group (MLRG). I am interested in developing novel deep learning (DL) algorithms and exploiting high performance computing (HPC) technologies for large-scale machine learning applications.

I completed my BEng in Engineering Systems and Computing at the University of Guelph. Here, I focused on designing integrated computer based engineering systems which included software development, computer hardware design, mechanics and energy transfer, signal processing and digital process control.